woman sits at a table with a laptop, working remotely from home

Who could have predicted that one virus would so quickly and completely cause schools, businesses, and other everyday operations to vacate? As COVID-19 has spread, governments and communities have leveled precautionary measures requiring many to stay home from work altogether, leaving companies scrambling. And although advancing technology has raised interest in the possibilities and realities of remote workforces for years, most businesses have found themselves woefully unprepared for the immediate and urgent need for remote work that has come with worsening coronavirus conditions.

Unfortunately, for some companies, the physical presence of customers and staff is essential. But there are still many who do most or all of their work from a computer in an office, and who could easily do the same work from home—given the right equipment.

But as these companies seek to set up a remote workforce, sadly, many businesses who are now needing to transition quickly are finding that their IT providers are not prepared to help them.

Here at LYFE Networks, we are prepared to assist you every step of the way as you set up your remote workforce, from hardware, to network connections, to storage, to communications. And we’ll do it in a way that is simple, that builds your confidence in your business’s ability to function remotely, and that causes no disruption to your customers.

Here are some of the things you’ll need to set up your remote workforce:

A Fast, Strong, and Secure Network

The first requirement for nearly any business is a strong network connection allowing you to securely access the internet and connect with other employees. For a strong at-home network connection, you’ll need:

  • VPN Licensing: a VPN (virtual private network) connects employees to your company’s servers and IP address. It allows them to access a private network securely by encrypting and then decrypting data. This can slow down your internet connection if you’re attempting to use a free or low-quality VPN, so you’ll need to acquire VPN licensing. The number of employees and devices you have will affect the number of VPN client licenses you’ll need.
  • Router: Standard routers are not usually optimized for VPN use. Your router must be powerful enough to provide a strong connection for your entire team, so you’ll need to get a router with adequate strength and capabilities for such a connection.
  • Bandwidth: If your internet bandwidth is too small, your connection will slow down significantly and you may be unable to transmit data. So to prepare for your team’s remote work, you’ll need to ensure sufficient bandwidth.

Access to Storage and Applications

Cloud storage is remotely accessible because instead of being stored on physical servers, data is hosted by remote companies and available via the internet. This is essential for companies that need large amounts of data for daily operations. By using the cloud, you can also utilize cloud applications or cloud-hosted applications, providing even more resources for accessing essential features.

Remote desktop services, or RDS, can also allow you remote access to your company’s applications, allowing you to work from a remote device but function as if you were using your computer. RDS operations are incredibly helpful if you need to use high-functioning applications from a device with fewer capabilities. LYFE Networks can help you choose the storage and application solutions that work best for you.

Uninterrupted Communications

While trimming nonessential meetings isn’t necessarily a negative result of the outbreak, some in-person meetings are essential for efficient work, and communication with your team is a must for any business. With the right tools, you can video conference with your team or clients, minimizing disruptions to your schedule.

Business communication software like Slack or Teams also help recreate the immediacy of responses between team members that’s available in an office. We can help you find the right software applications and hardware (like webcams and microphones) to continue uninterrupted communications.

How LYFE Networks Will Help You

We are prepared to enable you with the technology solutions for an efficient and fully-functioning workforce as quickly as possible and with no disruption to your customers. As an experienced Managed Service Provider and your go-to IT company, we can help you strategize hardware and software solutions, install new equipment, and feel confident in your remote work IT setup.

Even after the current outbreak has run its course, these events could change the future of how business is done as companies recognize just how much technology enables them to operate remotely. LYFE Networks won’t just give you temporary solutions; we’ll give you the personalized care you need to succeed now and continue to thrive in the future.