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If you’re a business owner, your goal is for your company to run smoothly and productively. One thing you need to make that happen is a reliable IT provider. If you’re based in Los Angeles, you’ve got plenty of options—but how do you make sure you’re choosing the best IT company for your business?

This guide for common traits among the best IT providers so you can find the IT company in Los Angeles that offers the right services for your business:

1. A Focus on Prevention Rather than Cure

When it comes to IT, it pays to be proactive. The best IT providers will stop issues from occurring by constantly monitoring your systems and putting preventative safeguards in place rather than only dealing with problems after they’ve disrupted your business.

While IT specialists all over Los Angeles may be trained to put out system fires and network problems once they visibly arise, finding a provider with a proactive approach will save you time and money. By proactively searching for system vulnerabilities and root causes of issues, they can reduce downtime and thereby increase productivity.

The most impressive IT providers in Los Angeles will monitor your systems 24/7 to identify potential threats and patch them on the spot. Being proactive is particularly beneficial when considering security. TechRepublic statistics show that the number of security breaches increased by 54% in the first half of 2019. During that time, businesses and organizations reported 3,814 attacks which unveiled more than 4 billion records. And according to Microsoft, the average cost of recovery from a cybersecurity breach at $3.92 million.

With figures showing the increasingly large threat that cybercrime poses to businesses and organizations, it has never been more important to make sure your systems are protected. And the best IT companies will ensure that you have defenses in place to combat advanced threats.

2. Access to Expertise

Businesses can benefit hugely from working with firms that employ the best talent. When you enlist the services of a reliable Managed Services Provider, you gain access to experts who are aware of the latest developments in technology. Plus, you get the expertise of an entire team for around the cost of one salaried employee.

Expert IT teams should undergo continuous training to keep your systems updated and protected against even the newest security threats. Their technicians should have decades of experience in a diverse range of services, including cybersecurity, cloud systems, troubleshooting, backup and disaster recovery, and IT consulting.

The best IT providers aid you with the very best talent. So with an entire team of top-notch professionals in your corner, you can enjoy peace of mind while taking advantage of innovative, cutting-edge solutions that will prevent issues and propel your business forward.

3. Knowledge of Regulations and Industry Standards

The best IT providers are also experienced in working with a broad spectrum of clients across a range of sectors, so they are familiar with compliance laws in place in various industries. This knowledge of industry standards is essential for your IT provider to help you make sure you’re always compliant with necessary regulations in order to avoid data breaches, fines, and loss of customer trust.

Some of the compliance laws your IT provider should be able to help you with include:

  • HIPAA compliance for medical businesses and healthcare organizations
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for companies operating within the financial sector
  • CALEA compliance for organizations working with law enforcement
  • PCI Data Security Standard compliance for any business that processes payments
  • AICPA compliance for accounting companies

As a business owner, it’s essential to understand the importance of compliance and to ensure you choose an IT service provider that is aware of the regulations in your industry. Hiring an experienced IT team that is proficient in compliance and up to date with changes in legislation can greatly reduce the risk of lawsuits and penalty charges.

4. Fantastic Customer Service

As a customer, you need to be able to contact an expert for emergency help or advice whenever the need arises. You simply cannot wait for hours or days to receive a call back if your systems are down. That’s why the best Los Angeles IT providers will have rapid and reliable customer service.

Statistics show that each hour of downtime could cost a business over $100,000. By combining preventative measures with fast response times, an IT provider can fend off threats and ensure a quick, seamless recovery. The best IT companies guarantee emergency service response time within the hour you report an issue, and even offer remote services to help you resolve issues immediately without waiting for a technician to arrive onsite.

5. Client-Specific Service

Your business is different from every other company out there, and that’s why your IT provider should tailor its service to you. Your provider’s services should be aligned with your needs and help further your business goals. An attentive provider will get to know your short- and long-term goals so they can help you create an IT strategy that will work to your business’s advantage, with suggestions from hardware to cloud storage to options for expanding.

As you determine your business IT needs, it’s important to have a reliable partner on your side to manage your technology. Make sure you look out for these traits before hiring an IT provider so you can get the most out of your IT investment.

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